Join our next bootcamp!

For the first time in our 10+ year existence, we’re opening up spots in our Synch Bootcamps to the public. In the past, we’ve handpicked the artists and producers that we work with through our own A&R process and word of mouth.  But now, driven by our first of its kind partnership with Reservoir, we’re running more camps than ever.  And we’re actively on the hunt for more creatives for our upcoming camps!

Sorted Noise Boot Camps
Sorted Noise Boot Camps
Sorted Noise Boot Camps
Sorted Noise Boot Camps

If you’re sitting there, wondering whether what you do as an artist or producer works for synch, here are a few vibes that always do well:

Emotive Singer Songwriter (Think: Damien Rice and Ingrid Michelson)
High Energy Hip Hop (Think: Run The Jewels and Cardi B)
Upbeat Fun Pop (Think: Pharrell and Dua Lipa)
Balls To The Wall Rock (Think: Jack White and Greta Van Fleet)
Dark Cinematic (Think: Ruelle and Zayde Wolf)

And if you’re asking yourself, “What the hell is a Synch Bootcamp?” watch our trailer. It gives a behind the scenes look at what it’s all about, from an artist’s perspective:

As with anything, there are no guarantees, but the results of our Bootcamps have been solid. We’ve got a 67% success rate, and we’ve been fortunate enough to watch the lives of some of our artists change because of the work we’ve done together in our Bootcamps. They’ve bought homes, quit their day jobs, and paid off student loans. Even gotten engagement rings! So, if you’re even a little interested, take a minute and submit for consideration!