Our Bootcamps

Song camps are not unique. So, what makes Sorted Noise Bootcamps special (and what’s with calling them “Bootcamps”)?

We are artists ourselves

Our team is made up artists, songwriters, producers, and multi-instrumentalists who have hundreds of songs featured in TV, film, and advertising, tens of millions of streams on Spotify, and hundreds of millions of views on Youtube. We’ve been there, and most importantly, we understand that it all starts with the song. If the song isn’t great, nothing else matters.

Strategy and Purpose

Great songs are inspired. Maybe by a personal experience, a book you just read, or a story in the news. In our Bootcamps, the inspiration comes from the briefs we write for each artist. Without giving way too much of our secret sauce, these aren’t like any briefs you’ve seen before. They’re artistic, with all of our personalized strategy baked right into them. And while the art drives everything, we take the strategy seriously and make sure we’re all moving toward the same target. That’s where “Bootcamp” affectionately derives from.


While we run our Bootcamps all over the world, Music City is our home. We’re probably a little biased, but we feel like the community of creators we have to work with in Nashville is second to none. The artists we work with are very real and have very real careers. No “synch bands” here. The producers and musicians in our community work with some of the biggest names in music. No matter the genre, our city can deliver at the highest level.

An Inside Look Into Our Bootcamps

Our Work

We’re regularly running Bootcamps in Nashville with our ever-growing community of artists, producers, and musicians. Here’s where some of those songs have ended up.

Our Music

The result of our Bootcamps is a diverse catalog of songs, ready-made for picture, that are easy to clear for licensing. We’re adding more songs everyday, but here are some easy-to-listen-to playlists that will give you a snapshot of our catalog.


Artists & Producers

Are you interested in being a part of one of our Bootcamps? We’re always looking for new artists and producers to work with.

Publishers & Labels

Are you a publisher or label that would love to have a Bootcamp specifically run for your roster? We do that too! We’ve been hired by global companies like Reservoir Media and Music Sales to design and run Bootcamps from start to finish for them. Hit us up and let’s talk.

Original Music

Are you a music supervisor or agency producer, that doesn’t need a full blown Bootcamp, but has an original music project with a quick turnaround? We do that all the time, and we love it!


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