Our Story

Sorted Noise is a team of creators that hand makes and curates music for picture. We live, work, and play in the most creative and music-centric city in the world, Nashville TN USA. We are real life, working composers, producers, programmers, musicians, singers, songwriters, and artists. Some of us play with the biggest acts in the world. Some of us write hit songs. Some of us even know Beyonce’. But the common thread that ties our crazy family together is a passion for making authentic music with true artists, and watching that music become art when paired with the right picture.

Our City

nashville sign

Nashville is "Music City"

We love our city.  Besides it becoming widely recognized as an “it” city in general in recent years by every tastemaker out there, it’s one of the most diverse, unique, and creative cities in the world.  Yes, every country artist known to man lives here.  But so do Kings of Leon, Kesha, Ben Folds, Jack White, Black Keys, Miley Cyrus, Paramore, Cage the Elephant, Jewel, Hot Chelle Rae, Taylor Swift (c’mon, she’s not really country), Ed Sheeran, Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock, Kelly Clarkson, Dashboard Confessional and Justin Timberlake.  And for every superstar, there are a 100 more amazingly talented, emerging artists of every possible genre roaming the streets of East Nashville or 12 South.

We know these artists.  We drink whiskey with these artists.  We make music with these artists.

Our Work

Here’s just a few of the studios, networks, shows, films, agencies, and brands we’ve made and curated music for recently:

Our Music

Our Team

Josh Collum

Partner + Business Development

Josh CollumJosh is our “big idea” guy.  He’s done his time in the 9-5 business world (he’s got a degree in advertising and worked in marketing at Griffin Technology), but he’ll tell you he got most of his experience building a career as an artist.  Josh’s band, Secrets in Stereo, is one of the most synch licensed independent acts in the world, with songs featured over 150 times in TV, film, advertising, games, and trailers.  This balance of business vs. art, makes him the perfect person steer our particular little ship.

Little known fact: Josh struggles with an affliction everyday known as being an avid Chicago Cubs fan.

Perrin Lamb


Perrin LambPerrin guides artists from signing on with us, to writing for their first project, to recording their 50th. He’s pretty good at this because, well, he is a living, breathing, successful artist himself (picking up a theme, here?). He also works with our producers on everything from creative to scheduling tracking.

Little known fact: Perrin once had reality show stardom on NBC’s The Sing Off.

Jason Collum

Partner + Producer

Jason CollumJason is our perfectionist.  Every little detail matters to him.  From not stopping until he gets the right performance from the artist, all the way down to cleaning up the tiniest imperfection in an edit. He takes what may already be great, to a whole other level.  Jason can play pretty much every instrument, from piano to guitar to percussion.  It’s kind of annoying, really.  In all seriousness, though, he is a top tier drummer, having played with the likes of Little Big Town, Julie Roberts, and countless other artists of all genres.

Little known fact: Jason is the proud father of two dogs.  A lazy black lab, and  crazy German Shorthair.

Andrew Galucki


Andrew GaluckiAndrew does everything from organizing our catalog spreadsheets to filling in metadata. Basically, he keeps us in line. He’s also an incredible singer / songwriter (go figure) who’s been known to jump in one of our sessions.

Little known fact: Andrew hosts a really cool music business podcast called The Middle Class Musician




We’re always looking for new artists.  But in full disclosure, we’re extremely selective and only work with artists that we feel like we can do great things with.  If you think we’d be a good fit, please email us some links to where we can see and hear you.  Or, if you’ve got any questions, email us those too.



Hear something you like on the site you want to license?  Wanna hear more?  (Trust me, we’ve got plenty more).  Shoot us over any questions.



While we have an extensive, versatile, and growing catalog that we love to license, what we’re really passionate about is working with you at the idea stage and creating something specifically for you.  Whether it’s a 30 second instrumental for your ad (yes, we have E&O insurance) or a full original song for the end credits in your film, we can make the music you need in the time that you need it.  Give us a shout to learn more.